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Oil Changes

Better than thE Big chains

Every shop does oil changes and sure those big chains can be cheap. Let's say you go to one of those oil change specialists. That's pretty much all they do, so the person doing your oil change probably won't do anything else to your car. Suppose you have a belt that's about to go - you may not hear about it from the oil change shop!


Here's what Fairbanks Automotive does that they don't:

An oil change at Fairbanks Automotive can cost a little more and there's a good reason why:

  • Our standard oil change uses a synthetic blend oil - other shops use conventional oil which causes more wear and tear on your engine.

  • Plus we always use a premium filter that will last longer and remove more contaminants from your engine oil.

  • Each oil change also comes with an inspection that includes: steering and suspension, lights and signals, wipers, visual check of brakes, look for fluid leaks & top off if they are low. Tire rotation also included if needed.

  • Our price? $45 every day!


Is Full Synthetic Oil worth the extra cost?

Joe considers a synthetic blend to be the absolute minimum quality you should use (which is why he uses it for all 'standard oil' changes). So is full synthetic oil better than conventional or even the synthetic blends? Honestly yes! When you consider the cost difference and the fact that you don't have to change your oil as often, you're really not spending much more.

  • For example, if you drive 12,000 miles per year (the average for most people) you'll spend a little over $300 on oil changes in three years regardless of which type of oil you use. The difference with full synthetic? Less internal wear on your engine each year could mean avoiding a very expensive repair costing thousands of dollars. 


Our full synthetic oil change including premium filter and inspection costs at least $10 less than the big chains, every day. No coupons or sale prices!


Call or text today to schedule your next oil change with Fairbanks Automotive!

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