Oil Changes - Better than thE Big Guys

Sure. Everyone does oil changes and those big chains are cheap. An oil change at Fairbanks Automotive costs a little more and there's a good reason why:

Our regular oil change uses a synthetic blend oil while you'll get conventional oil (and more wear and tear on your engine) from the big guys. Plus we always use a premium filter that will last longer and remove more contaminants from your engine oil. Our price? $35.99 every day. Want more protection? Our full synthetic oil change also uses a premium filter and cost at least $10 less than the big guys, every day.

No coupons or sale prices. Plus, each oil change includes a 14 point inspection. Call or text today to schedule your next oil change with Joe - (503) 683-2742 or make an appointment right here

FAIRBANKS Automotive

Fairbanks Automotive in Oak Grove, Oregon, employs trained professionals and uses quality parts and car maintenance supplies to keep your vehicle running great.


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