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At Fairbanks Automotive, we understand the importance of regular oil changes in maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle's engine. We provide efficient and reliable oil change services using high-quality products to ensure optimal lubrication and engine longevity.

Our Oil Change Service

  1. Premium Quality Oil and Filters: We use top-grade motor oils and high-quality filters that meet or exceed industry standards. We will recommend the most suitable oil viscosity and type for your specific vehicle to ensure optimal performance.

  2. Professional Oil Drain and Replacement: We will safely drain the old oil from your engine and replace it with fresh, clean oil and also replace the drain plug gasket. We adhere to proper disposal procedures to protect the environment.

  3. Expert Filter Replacement: We will inspect your current oil filter and replace it with a new, quality filter. This ensures that contaminants are effectively filtered out, providing clean oil flow to your engine.

  4. Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection: Along with an oil change, we perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle's vital components, including brakes, tires, suspension, fluid levels, and more. This allows us to identify any potential issues and address them before they become major problems.

  5. Tire Rotation: We will rotate your tires if necessary depending on the wear of your tires.

  6. Fluid Top-Offs: During the oil change service, we will check and top off essential fluids such as coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid as needed. This helps maintain optimal fluid levels and overall vehicle performance.

  7. Learn more about why you should choose Fairbanks Automovie for our above and beyond Oil Change Service

Schedule Your Oil Change Service Today

For reliable and efficient oil change services, trust Fairbanks Automotive. We will provide your vehicle with the care it deserves, ensuring proper lubrication and engine health. Schedule your service today and experience the difference a quality oil change can make for your vehicle.

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