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Starting and Charging Repair




At Fairbanks Automotive, we understand the importance of a reliable starting and charging system for your vehicle. We specialize in diagnosing and repairing issues related to your vehicle's starting and charging system, ensuring that your vehicle starts smoothly and operates efficiently.

Our Starting and Charging Repair Service

  1. Comprehensive System Diagnosis: We utilize diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately diagnose starting and charging system issues. We perform a thorough inspection of the battery, alternator, starter motor, and related components to identify any malfunctions or weaknesses.

  2. Battery Testing and Replacement: We test your vehicle's battery to assess its health and determine if it requires replacement. If necessary, we recommend high-quality replacement batteries that are suitable for your vehicle's specifications and requirements.

  3. Alternator Replacement: If your alternator is not properly charging the battery, we provide expert alternator replacement services. We use quality parts to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

  4. Starter Motor Replacement: A faulty starter motor can prevent your vehicle from starting. We are skilled in diagnosing starter motor issues. If a replacement is necessary, we use reliable parts to ensure proper starting functionality.

  5. Electrical System Inspection: We perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle's electrical system, including wiring, fuses, and relays. This helps us identify any electrical issues that may affect the starting and charging system's performance.

Schedule Your Starting and Charging Repair Today

When you experience issues with your vehicle's starting and charging system, trust Fairbanks Automotive for reliable repairs. We will diagnose and address the problem promptly, ensuring that your vehicle starts smoothly and operates optimally. Schedule your starting and charging repair service today and get back on the road with confidence.

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